Jo’Lee’s Story



Owner & Founder Jo'Lee Louise Springman B.S., L.M.T, B.C.N., C.N.T., is a born & raised Wyoming woman with a passion for inspiring change & improving the quality of life of those around her. This journey began early with encouragement & support in athletics & movement throughout her developmental years. A Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health promotion from the University of Wyoming was the perfect foundation for a fulfilling career focused on helping those in need.

Jo’Lee has completed a total of 731 hours of massage therapy and bodywork training at the Healing Arts Institute (CO.). She is now a licensed massage therapist specializing in prenatal massage, neuromuscular rehabilitation therapy (NMRT), myofacial release technique, postural correction, and athletic performance.

In addition, she is a board certified Naturopathic Practitioner through the American Naturopathic Medical Association as well as a certified Natural Trainer through the Monkey Bar Gymnasium. If you are looking to improve all aspects of your life and health, Jo'Lee most certainly can offer you guidance.

"Health, wellness, happiness, whatever you want to call it is much like a puzzle with no master solution for everyone. Just like painting, sculpting, or building a piece of art, the natural approach to health and wellness must be unique to each individual. Every 'body' is its own work of art and should be treated as so."

Jo'Lee Louise Springman