Prenatal Massage


Treatment for expecting mothers when the discomfort of pregnancy is overwhelming, benefits both mom and baby!


Area Specific Treatment

30 MINUTES $65

Treatment focuses on that specific area of your body causing you acute/chronic pain in regular everyday activities. Recommended for regular pain maintenance.


60 Minute Treatment

60 MINUTES $95

Treatment is customized based on clients chief complaints. This can range from a full-body relaxation massage to a combination of specific body work on focus areas in addition to a full-body massage.


90 Minute Treatment

90 MINUTES $125

Similar to the 60 minute treatment this is customized based on the clients needs. This includes focused body work on problem areas along with a full-body massage. Recommended for those that want a full-body session of neuro-muscular rehabilitation (NMRT) deep tissue body work.


Health Services


Other Services Include but are not limited to Nutrition Counseling, Exercise Prescription, Personal Training & Mobility and Alignment Therapy all individual based on the clients individual goals. Pricing varies depending on the goals and needs of the individual client.



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At High Altitude Healing we enforce a 24 Hour CANCELLATION/NO SHOW Policy, please respect our time as we respect yours. Payment for any treatment cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be expected before any future appointments are scheduled.