I have been getting massages for 10 years, travel with work, so I have had different state experiences.

I must say that JoLee is the best massage therapist that I have ever had!!

As a nurse, I am on my feet 12-hour shifts, 5-6 days in a row. Lifting, turning twisting does take a toll! And I also stay very active in the summer months, so add to that, any running, hiking, mileage that you add to your body.

JoLee always asks me, prior to my appointment, if I have any special requests, certain muscle aches, headaches, trouble sleeping. She is so on these things!!!

I love her holistic approach to things and her huge amount of knowledge on how our bodies work!!!
I recommend her services highly, and even have given gift certificates to others, so they may enjoy a massage as they never have!!!

If I don’t get massages from her 2x a month, my body is not happy!!

Don’t hesitate, if you love your body and respect it... this is the only place for a massage.
— Kim Mason

I began seeing JoLee about early August 2018. This was shortly after my daughter said “dad i think you have cuff issues” to which I responded I guess we’ll never know. My right shoulder was a wreck. After my first treatment JoLee said I didn’t need surgery just a bit of work should do it. I had better range of motion after that first visit. I had 4 or 5 treatments and exercises she had suggested in that next month. September brings firewood and coral pole cutting and loading. Prior to seeing JoLee I couldn’t have started my chainsaw, let alone use it as much as I did. We also discuss heath issues, diet, mineral supplements etc. each visit. I am following her suggestions and feel better than I have in a long time. Some may call her a Massage Therapist, I call her a magician. What she has done for me is magical.
— Mark Reneau

Jo’Lee is a gift to our small community. During 10 years of chronic hip, back and hamstring pain; surgeons, physical therapists, an assortment of pills, nerve blocks... were of no help and the doctors had no answer to my muscle pain. After a round of stem cell injections and strength training Jo’Lee has taken my healing to another level. I have returned to a level of activity I didn’t think was possible, I owe a big part of that to Miss Springman!! She has earned a customer for life.
— Kristopher Searles